International iGambling: How to Launch Your Own Online Casino Abroad

International iGambling: How to Launch Your Own Online Casino Abroad

In Ukraine, a massive struggle has begun against the largest illegal industry, namely the gambling business. The Cabinet of Ministers has banned the activities of the gambling business in Ukraine, including machines under the guise of a state lottery. It is no secret that gambling business owners have good profits and do not want to lose their money. What to do in this case? In this article, we will give advice to those who want to make money on online gambling on an international scale, without breaking the laws.

Cleaning up the gambling business in Ukraine. What's happening?

According to the data, on December 20, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to ban the distribution of gambling business under the guise of state lotteries. Thus, an active fight against illegal gambling business began in Ukraine. According to experts, the volume of the shadow market is more than 1 billion hryvnia.

There are only three operators of state lotteries in Ukraine, but this does not stop dozens of establishments from carrying out prohibited gambling activities under the guise of lotteries. These establishments conclude agreements with operators of state lotteries and install slot machines prohibited by law on their territory. The Ukrainian government decided to fight against such schemes.

However, not everything is as bad as it seems. For businessmen who want to earn honestly on online gambling at the international level, experienced SBSB lawyers will advise on the most optimal solution for choosing a jurisdiction, licensing and connecting all the necessary payment solutions.

Thinking of starting an online gaming and casino company?

According to experts, the global gambling industry will exceed $ 525 billion by 2022, which is approximately equal to $ 68 for every person on the planet. More and more players are choosing to bet online. There is no doubt that iGambling is the future of the gambling industry. Impressive, isn't it?

If you are thinking of starting your own business in the iGambling industry, then you need to turn to the professionals. The international law firm SBSB has been working in the field of online games for over 6 years. Our experienced lawyers can advise you in detail on this issue and suggest the most profitable solutions.

SBSB will help you obtain licenses for lotteries, betting, poker and casinos. Our lawyers will select the ideal jurisdiction for the profitable and efficient operation of your business.

We guarantee that our clients will be able to work as efficiently as possible in terms of taxation, while ensuring that they comply with all the legal requirements of the chosen jurisdiction. Read more here: